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ture story

A few months later, I promised that my parents would not go to Beijing, but secretly phoned HR from Beijing. When I gave my name, HR suddenly smiled and said, "your father has given you the job."
Go to Beijing to stir up the daughter's work
This is the 183 th story of the true story plan
"I can come north." On a cold afternoon in early 2015, meng xin told me on the phone. When I answered the phone, the dust was flying, and I was renting a house to clean.
Meng Xin phase relationship's best friend, is my university graduate one year later than me, small and exquisite, speak softly light gas, is a typical jiangsu and sister, Cheap nfl jerseys chinaI never see she and others had spats.
Over the next six months, she interviewed dozens of companies, mostly Internet companies. The process of finding a job is not going well, and whenever she meets a particularly gratifying position, she can easily get out of her way, like a charm. For half a year, she called me countless times to ask me about my life in Beijing, and then quipped about the heart of my job search.
Only this time is the tears of happiness. She said on the phone that she had not thought of being so lucky to come to Beijing as a fresh graduate. The company is the first video website in the country, and its employees are surprisingly well paid.
This is not a Meng Xin got the first offer on graduation season, after she had with excellent grades and abundant practice experience won three jobs, not far away from home in Shanghai, hangzhou, suzhou, respectively, are financial companies, the fresh born to thousands a month. She refused.
Meng's parents don't understand this. Only I know that she always wanted to be in Beijing.
"Are you sure you want to come to Beijing?" I still don't believe it. Before graduation, meng's mother had repeatedly warned her not to stray too far from home.
"Of course. She without hesitation, "I yearn for the Internet industry, high pay, development space is large, young team. Although Beijing is far away from home, but far away from home is good, I have never experienced the true freedom. Under family control in the past days is really too tired."
Received Meng Xin call it, I also just north drift, soon gave up a second-tier cities in secure job, south to Beijing a book company work, a monthly salary just enough to pay the rent, cheap snapbacksthe north drift life that was filled with confusion.
I advised her to make a decision to be cautious, and to pursue her freedom would be costly, after all, she had a lot to choose from.
A month later, meng told me that the video company in Beijing informed her of a physical examination and she bought a ticket to Beijing on Wednesday afternoon. That week, my mother came to Beijing for a meeting to live in a one-bedroom apartment I rented near houhai. Meng was afraid that the three people would not be able to live, and ordered the nearby capsule hotel in advance.
In may, when Beijing's warm breezes and cloudless blue skies, mengxin held a pricking parasol and a full-length white dress appeared in the depths of the lane. I work early to accompany her to go to alley mouth hotel accommodations, along the way she gushes, said halide cook, like to eat Beijing old hutongs. Stroll have feeling very much, the video company is great, the team members is male, Peking University, tsinghua technology more handsome young boss, her interview seems to be very good to her.
When she arrived, she reported the order number and the waiter showed us to a large room. The large room contains many cubicles, each of which occupies only half a floor and just puts down a bed. Meng xin looked at his cubicle in horror, and thrust his head into it. "It's quite clean inside, but it's too small and it's like a dog's nest."
The thought that meng xin is the same child as me, is the mother and father holding the treasure in hand, living here is not proper. "I haven't seen such a strange place to live, and it's better to live here than 120 blocks per night." The house I rent is 60 square meters and three people are not too crowded.
She thought about it for a moment, cancelled the previous reservation, and went back on the road. "Small is a little bit, but I came to Beijing to experience life. There are more than 300 overnight, but I don't think it's interesting."
My mother learned that Meng Xin comes, the room was clean, but after all is the 50's old house, wooden floor cracking a refers to the wide gap, wholesale nfl jerseyspitifully small toilet, I was afraid of her jokes, building on repeatedly on houses in the old. Unexpectedly, when meng xin walked into the room, I was amazed that I was living in good condition.
"You also too extravagant, a person to rent a house, or in a second. I'm asking for, the rent in Beijing, I'm going to rent to Ann river crossing north, song dong wild song, there is a monthly rent is one thousand s." She did not know that there was no connection between Ann and bridge in the song and the north of anheqiao.
In the evening, I was walking along the beach with my mother and meng xin. My mother came to Beijing when she was young, and she said that she was obsessed with Beijing. "If time goes backwards, maybe I won't go back to my hometown and stay here alone. I envy you for your good time."
Meng asked me what I had seen in the past few months in Beijing, except for the low salary, and I really couldn't say anything bad about it. All kinds of drama, exhibitions, parties, all kinds of food and food are all Beijing's attractions to me. Internet companies are fast paced, no more than our book company, I remind her. She said she was fully prepared for the hardship and could not bear to go home.
But her phone vibrated and interrupted us again and again. Walking to a stone bench near the back of the sea, she suddenly sat on it and began to cry.
Go to Beijing to stir huang daughter's work to remove click here to add photo caption
The second
"My parents opposed me to Beijing." She sobbed, "just my mother, sent WeChat messages says, they are firmly against me coming to Beijing."
"But you have come, don't they?"
"I kept telling them that all the money was borrowed from my classmates." I suddenly thought of the crowded capsule hotel. It seemed that she was not just trying to experience life.
The phone rang again. She stood up from the stone bench trembling, trying to avoid the call, and I could hear her arguing with her gentle words. Later, the argument was replaced by the cry, and she was speechless.
We went to a quiet spot in houhai, and she said that she could not convince her parents that they were too stubborn to listen to her, and insisted that she go to work in the nearby city.
Meng Xin is home only daughter, have a when middle school teacher's mother, since the childhood, family discipline, strict to her dress will review, cheap nfl hatsthe university four years plus two years of graduate school, never allowed her to fall in love.
In the second year of the sophomore year, one of the boys in meng xin's class was very attentive to her, although she didn't like the boy very much, but in the love world, she quickly accepted the other's pursuit. It was three years until graduation and meng xin didn't say anything about his parents.
At that time, the friends all around are in love greatly, only she is underground love, she is often in the date of mother's surveillance phone to disturb the mood, but still a good girl image. We were puzzled how she pretended to be.
Later, a group of our classmates played the truth and asked her why she didn't tell her parents about the love affair. She said that her parents had too much control, and that she interfered with the little things, not to mention being in love. Once they knew that, they promised to call her every day to remind her of her safety measures and never get pregnant. Forced irrigation such as "10 tips for girls to watch" and "what kind of man can't marry" chicken soup. They are too much trouble, there is always an account of unfinished words and endless heart, a simple love is absolutely to be stirred.
"This time, I won't listen to them." She looked at the bar and the sea, and said firmly.
The next day, Meng Xin to new unit with human determine specific induction time, looks like her mood is good, all the way from a lot of photos: see people on the subway, the roadside trees, a curious piece of architecture. And on WeChat, you're talking about the scenery.
At noon, she found a web red restaurant and saw the sign of the shop -- the roast lamb chops. "It's too big for three people to eat. We'll get together sometime."
That afternoon, she went to anheqiao north to find an intermediary to look at the house, at one breath saw seven or eight sets, almost run broken leg. After consideration, she plans to rent a substation in a three-bedroom apartment on the subway entrance. The roommate of that house is relatively ideal, is also zhongguancun to work the female white-collar, the house is clean and bright.
She took counsel with the mediation price, put the room rent to 1800, the other party to let her to sign the agreement of payment as soon as possible, said the peak work now comes in, housing demand, now uncertain, twist a head of house can rent away by others.
She called me and asked me to borrow ten thousand dollars, and the rent was three, plus one month's rent, and I'd pay the rent for five months -- nearly ten thousand. I was spending less than three thousand dollars a month and had money to lend to her, cheap jerseysso she had to give her advice and let her go to her family.
Her parents listened to her borrow money, but she didn't fight.
"You have a good day but you have to go to Beijing to rent a house. Don't you know how easy it is for women to live alone?"
"Your ability to live on your own is poor, easy to be cheated, not yet to be cheated out of 10,000, you are too silly."
"Don't listen to those friends who encourage you to drift north, and north drift is the choice you have to make if you have no way out."
She came to me in a dejected manner, crying very little before she opened her mouth, and the morning was gone. I was in the reception area, and her family began to bombard with the phone. After careful deliberation, meng xin's father decided to set off for Beijing and help her daughter to visit the good company.
On the way home from work, she whispered to me, "guess what my dad is going to do?"
"It's your business, after all. He may just want to see you." "I consoled.
Go to Beijing to stir huang daughter's work to remove click here to add photo caption
When meng's father arrived in Beijing, he didn't come to see his daughter. The phone was turned off.
Then we learned that her father went to the company in Beijing and asked for a secret examination of the floor where her department was located.
The worried uncle looked at the young man in the glass door and imagined that his daughter would be one of them. He intended to learn more about the company and sat in the corridor at noon break.
There was a small smoking area in the building, and he saw a girl with short hair and big hair. Mengxin's father is the most scandalous that a girl smokes and drinks and feels unkind. He was shocked to think that his daughter would work with such a man, as if his daughter were doing a bad thing.
When the smoking girl passed him, he stopped the girl and asked her very much about her native place, her age, and her position in the company. The girl was a manchurian, careless, unsuspecting, and answered him. He was frustrated when she learned that the girl was the same age as her daughter and was also a product manager.
To know the situation for her daughter, secretly examine the daughter's dream company, the result unexpectedly hit a female employee to smoke, this point broke the bottom line of mengxin's father.
So, without consulting anyone, Wholesale jerseyshe found the company's human resources department, making an important decision for his daughter to give up the offer.
"My daughter is not suitable for your company culture," he told a misty HR. "we are not going to be in the job."
After that, mengxin received a call from the human resources department and her father, who checked with her on the other side, and her father told what he had seen there.
"Yan yan, how did you find this work? The colleagues are full of female rascal, smoking, sharing apartments with strangers, coloring, and tattoos. A good girl, spoil yourself isn't decent. I see you those colleagues are come from the bottom of the future. My mother worked hard all my life with you, at an early age from the countryside, now very not easy for you to create such a good family environment, is hope you to be happy. But you're too hurt us, actually stoop to north drift. I never thought their children would be at this point." Mengxin's father kept complaining on the phone.
On the phone, meng xin appeared to be hit by a bolt from the blue, shaking hands with his mobile phone. Putting down the phone, she stared into the distance. "It's all over, it's all over." She was like a silent spell. The company HR called, and she didn't know how to respond, panicked and hurriedly hung up the phone.
On the afternoon that she left Beijing, we went to 798. She took her mobile phone with rapt attention to shoot the blue sky, put the most satisfied one on her circle of friends and put it on the line:
It's such a nice day, remember that I was there. Goodbye, girl.
I thought the girl she mentioned was me, and told her not to grieve, and we will meet again. She suddenly deleted that state.
I asked her what she wanted to do, and she said she would come back and explain to the company that she was willing to come, and that she would try to convince her parents to give up her overprotection.
"I can't live forever according to their will, I'm an independent person."
Go to Beijing to stir huang's daughter's work remove click here add picture caption
For the first half of the month, we had no contact. Until one afternoon, I was in a meeting when I received a phone call from mengxin.
She cried and said to me that she had been banned for half a month and that her cell phone was confiscated and that she had stolen the phone from her neighbor's cell phone.
I don't know what to do. I can only persuade her not to work against her parents and try to solve the problem peacefully.
"They insist that I come to Beijing. I really can't help it. What should I do?"
She asked me over and over again, but I didn't know how to answer.
A few months later, she promised that her parents would not go to Beijing, but secretly phoned the HR from Beijing. When she gave her name, the other person suddenly smiled and said, "you are the girl your father left for you. We have found someone to replace you."
Meng, as his parents wish, returned to his hometown bank to work. With a monthly salary of only 1,600 yuan, a far cry from the more than 100,000 yuan she initially promised, she still has to rely on her parents to rent money from the card every month. Bank the complicated interpersonal relationship, she often cannot see through, speak tepid, do things slow and in less than a month, she was leading accused work is not capable, appear very incompetent.
She often calls me and complains about the disappointments of life. She said she had no friends in her hometown and was not interested in the work, and that the life of the bank clerk had made her the least favorite.
It's two years from now. When house prices shot up last year, the family bought a 90-square-meter apartment in the provincial capital, hoping she would take root in the provincial capital. Have the house, she is still unhappy, feel with the surrounding, when she no longer even like university loves drawing and writing, only know brush series at home every day, or research luxury bags and all kinds of expensive cosmetics.
I asked her why she had given up her old hobby. She says she still wants to work in Beijing, but the chances are slim. Her youth was over in the afternoon when she left Beijing.
"Life too seriously, will want to cry. I don't want to fight with reality, touch with both, it is better to focus on bags and cosmetics. These things are illusory and shallow, but can always touched my heart."She sent me a link to the taobao shopping mall for a woman bag. Let me see the style.
She sent me one or twenty every day, and I knew she would never come to Beijing again

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Never too late to learn

Yesterday a friend told me he would take an English course. The point is that now he feels bad about his preparation of this exam. cheap nfl jerseysHe said he almost did not study on English and now he discovers it as a challenge and worries that he may be less likely to pass it. I replied him that this could be a lesson teaches one should be well prepared before doing what we are to do.

We all more or less meet that kind of experience which will not comes the emergence until we are forced to have to do so, such as the final examination, a plan to lose weight. There must be reasons.

The first one is procrastination. Most of us have the mind of delaying doing something which could have been finished immediately. While we do not see the importance as long as it still has much time left we do not care too much for the upcoming event. When we watch those guys who have successfully achieved something great, cheap snapbackswe say nothing but are more likely to be jealous of their wealth and honored social status. We assume it is a piece of cake or not a big deal, if we put energy and time into what we want, as the matter of fact, we almost do nothing but complain a lot. Actually there is no shortcut to success. If we want to gain something, we have to spend much time doing it and tolerate tremendous bitter experience we have never had before. Procrastination is poisonous and harmful if we can not seriously battle with it.

The second one is lack of hard working. In fact, though most things we can not change, we still have chances to move forward by our hard working. If we only stay on the plan, it is impossible to finish something. A plan and an action work together to come out an satisfied consequence. There is no free bread. We have to be ready for the future that we need to work harder to create a better tomorrow. The blueprint only comes to be true when we start to execute as what we planned. If everything is so easy, everybody becomes big star. cheap nfl hatsThe hard working as a screen is to sort out potential guys who are with determined will and effective actions. Only these guys are about to start their good life. Ordinary people might admit their doomed destiny and enjoy the sofa meanwhile watch TV series after work.  They never give a thought on their next move. No hard work, no better tomorrow.

The third one is the lack of self discipline. Apart from the first and the second reasons, self discipline plays an important role of being successful. If we do not have the mind to get up at an earlier time everyday, if we do not overcome removing bad habits, we are not likely to behave ourselves. We have to know that changing is painful, while it is deserved to do for the sake of a nicer future.

Never too late to learn, cheap jerseysif we see the future and we have to go over those obstacles. Do it right now.

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Pau gasol suggested

SAN Antonio spurs center Paul gasol has hinted that he will be playing the player option this summer and will stay in SAN Antonio for another year. cheap nba hatsPau gasol is making $16 million next season and he has a player option. "I thought I had an efficient season," gasol said. "I tried my best and I did my best for the season."
Most importantly, pau gasol hinted at the options. "I look forward to continue to grow," gasol said. "now, I'm more familiar with the environment to the team and his teammates can I find a way to let oneself more efficient."
Came after the spurs this season, gasol is averaging 12.4 points and 7.8 rebounds data, cheap nfl fitted hatscompared with the past, he was forced to accept the role transformation, including substitute appearances, less time, and reduce shots, etc. Last season, gasol averaged 16.5 points and 11 rebounds in the bulls. "This is a challenge, I know that need some time to adapt to the new environment, I try to blend in the team, the chemical reaction that does not destroy the team," gasol said, "for me, it is a kind of adjustment."
Spurs coach gregg popovich gave gasol extremely high opinion, "in a new system, his performance is great," popovich said, "especially when he accepted the backup role, cheap nfl snapback hatslet us become a better team."

A strength gap

On May 24, the Cleveland cavaliers beat the celtics at home to 3-1. The celtics made a lot of trouble for the cavaliers in the first half, leading the cavaliers by 10 points at half-time. In the second half, the game was completely reduced to James and Owen, cheap nhl jerseysand the cavaliers took the game away. Although lost the game, the celtics team combat effectiveness of the show was amazing, compared with the giants of the knight, the celtics role players are amazing performance.
With the celtics in the absence of Thomas, the game's next win on the road was a 2-1 win over Bradley. Looked quite is a no suspense game winner for the celtics, the celtics role players in the game play game turn into the key, Claude 14 points and 11 rebounds, ollie Nick 15 points, even has been buried shares the cloth division also repeatedly hit clutch shots, a big deficit in the third quarter they are achievements under the condition of competition.
Adjust the starting the game, the celtics, ollie Nick starting line-up, the opening strategy of the celtics main attack knights insider, ollie Nick inside take the lead in scores for the celtics, cheap ncaa jerseysranierei hit the key three points from the perimeter, the celtics will take their attack during a high tide. Claude continue to extend their fiery hot, first two free throws, then hit a 3-pointer from the perimeter again, hit the remember three points after the celtics have lead knight 7 points, celts start will play meng knight.
The celtics in the second quarter jay - brown, roach outside hits three points in a row, halfway through the roach in the game again cause James foul, foul James came to 4 times at this time. Celtics great pressure not only on the offensive end give knight, also on the defensive end to cause great distress, the celtics seemed to see again to win to the gap expands unceasingly, the celtics also end double-digit lead in the first half.
In the absence of Thomas, green army is still on the grass-roots players to hold up the game, but the third quarter, cheap soccer jerseysJames constantly inside let the celtics pressure surge. The celtics were unable to resist the knight's fierce offensive momentum in the third quarter, and the cavaliers finished the third quarter against the celtics.
Scoring in the last section, the celtics still didn't give up the game, but the knight and adjoining the again, not the celtics hard points, but the effect is not obvious. The celtics were 11 points behind in the 3-minute game, and the game was completely in the hands of the cavaliers, and the celtics failed to continue their magic away.
Lose the game after the celtics through hope is frail, next game back home again war knights, big blowout losses than G1 and G2 home, cheap MLB Hatsthe celtics in the G5 can save face remains to be seen.

Owen cut 42 points to help the cavaliers reverse the celtics

In the third quarter, Owen stepped out of the basket and stepped onto his opponent's foot.
A sprained ankle, like a nightmare around a partitioned final, but Owen, sitting in the basket, chose to tighten his shoelaces and continue to fight.
In the third quarter, Owen scored 21 points with his injured leg and scored 42 points and four assists for the cavaliers' 112-99 win, a 3-1 lead over the celtics.
James scored 34 points and six assists in the data, while love scored 17 rebounds, while the celtics scored a double for the celtics, who scored 19 points in the game.
A sprained ankle insisted on the game! Owen cut 42 points to help the cavaliers reverse the celtics
Owen made a breakthrough in the game.
The two days had been a long time for James. His poor performance in the third battle has led him to doubt that, in the cavaliers' training on the 23rd, he avoided reporters and didn't speak to reporters.
Coach Terran Lew said: "it's normal for a guy who has played for five months in a row. He's a man (not a machine)."
Before the game, James spoke. But when the reporter asked what was the key point of the fourth series of the James series, James only said one word -- winning.
It was a game for the cavaliers, but before the third quarter they were all backward.
A sprained ankle insisted on the game! Owen cut 42 points to help the cavaliers reverse the celtics
James broke through the dunks.
After a 5-0 start, the knight was struck by the celtics with an 11-0 attack. James has a poor perimeter and can only get through the layup and the fast break, with only 32 percent shooting from the cavaliers and a 3-pointer with a 5-1 performance.
The cavaliers were 10 points behind in the first quarter and 19 points were the cavaliers' lowest points in the first quarter of the series.
The first seven offensives hit six of them, but the celtics still relied on the overall offensive to stay ahead of the game.
Worse, when this section more than 6 minutes remaining, James to eat personal fouls, have to sitting on a bench - this is the first time James 14 years of his career just four fouls in the first half.
When Bradley had a 3-pointer to a 16-point margin, the camera was given to James and teammate Jones, who was left with a helpless face.
According to ESPN, the team had a 1-4 playoff record in the first half of the season. However, depending on Owen's continuous play, the cavaliers are still biting the score. At half-time, the cavaliers were 47 to 57 behind.
A sprained ankle insisted on the game! Owen cut 42 points to help the cavaliers reverse the celtics
Love hoofford.
In the second half James was back in the game, taking advantage of the green army's turnovers, and the cavaliers had a 21-12 climax to narrow the score to 1.
With 3:15 left in the third quarter, cheap mlb jerseyswith the "MVP" of the game, the cavaliers finished the game.
Owen then opened a personal breakthrough, cutting 19 points at the end of the third quarter. By the end of the third quarter, the cavaliers were seven points ahead.
And in the fourth quarter, the awakened knight never gave the celtics any chance... Owen scored a career-high 42 points in the postseason, while love's 17 rebounds also set a record.
The celtics, though losing the crucial first world war, have been able to stick together.
They had 17 assists in the half, and eight of them scored in all, cheap nba jerseyscompared with only three turnovers in the cavaliers' half-court nine times.
A sprained ankle insisted on the game! Owen cut 42 points to help the cavaliers reverse the celtics
James broke through the defense.
In addition, there is a detail that has to be said.
Before the game began, the knights and celts held a silent tribute to the innocent people killed in the Manchester terrorist attacks. The cavaliers' home speed loan center has a dark light and a British flag on the big screen.
In addition to the win and defeat, nfl jerseys cheapthere were moments in the league that moved us.

The knight will win?

The Cleveland cavaliers beat the Boston celtics 112-99 at home on May 24, winning 3-1 in the series. Lebron James, 27 vote of 15 to 34 points, five rebounds and six assists, cheap jerseysbut in the game, still show cosco distance shooting unstable old problems.
Excellent state of the playoffs this year, James, so far is averaging 32.2 points and 8.3 rebounds and seven assists the magnificent performance, let a person can not help but exclaim that the aim of the "three" the old man was still evolving. With the celtics' four series of battles, only one game was 11 and went wrong.
It is worth noting, however, has a set of data: in the three-game series with the celtics former, James area outside shooting performance respectively: in the first eight shots 1; The second 9, 9. The third field is 1 in 7. Today in the first half, he was in a total of three shots, and the cavaliers were always in a passive position.
After the second half, James was still struggling to find his outside touch, and in the third, he was still only a 1 in 4 out of the box. It wasn't until the last section that he finally adjusted his performance to the top of the 5-3 performance -- his entire personal attack was completely open, Wholesale nfl jerseysand he scored 15 points in 7 of 11 shots.
The celtics showed a respectable toughness in these two games, but for the cavaliers, the warriors were their real opponents.
The playoffs this year so far, the warriors of defensive efficiency alliance first, if you would be able to reach the finals, in the face of DE Raymond - green and Andre iguodala obsession, James perimeter shots don't have a goal, will directly decide whether or not a knight to successfully defend the cup.


Beijing time on May 24, eastern conference finals game 4, 2-1 to the Cleveland cavaliers, wholesale jerseyswin the ball match point, can get a series of one thousand loss, it will take 2-2, the total score to Boston, two different as a result, the situation is staggering.
In the end, lebron James to resist pressure, yet more than half in the second quarter will receive personal fouls 4 cases, a strong rebound in the second half, scored 24 points, help the knight in the end, 112-99 by promotion prospect is bright.
Historical data show that since James returned to Cleveland in 2014, the knight has played ten round playoff series, including in game 4, they are 7 record, this season, it is 2-0, James individuals in these ten games can had 26 points, cheap snapback hats10.7 rebounds and 7.1 assists.
After the battle, the figures were rewritten as: 8-3. 3-0; And 26.7 points, 10.2 rebounds and 7 assists.