Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A strength gap

On May 24, the Cleveland cavaliers beat the celtics at home to 3-1. The celtics made a lot of trouble for the cavaliers in the first half, leading the cavaliers by 10 points at half-time. In the second half, the game was completely reduced to James and Owen, cheap nhl jerseysand the cavaliers took the game away. Although lost the game, the celtics team combat effectiveness of the show was amazing, compared with the giants of the knight, the celtics role players are amazing performance.
With the celtics in the absence of Thomas, the game's next win on the road was a 2-1 win over Bradley. Looked quite is a no suspense game winner for the celtics, the celtics role players in the game play game turn into the key, Claude 14 points and 11 rebounds, ollie Nick 15 points, even has been buried shares the cloth division also repeatedly hit clutch shots, a big deficit in the third quarter they are achievements under the condition of competition.
Adjust the starting the game, the celtics, ollie Nick starting line-up, the opening strategy of the celtics main attack knights insider, ollie Nick inside take the lead in scores for the celtics, cheap ncaa jerseysranierei hit the key three points from the perimeter, the celtics will take their attack during a high tide. Claude continue to extend their fiery hot, first two free throws, then hit a 3-pointer from the perimeter again, hit the remember three points after the celtics have lead knight 7 points, celts start will play meng knight.
The celtics in the second quarter jay - brown, roach outside hits three points in a row, halfway through the roach in the game again cause James foul, foul James came to 4 times at this time. Celtics great pressure not only on the offensive end give knight, also on the defensive end to cause great distress, the celtics seemed to see again to win to the gap expands unceasingly, the celtics also end double-digit lead in the first half.
In the absence of Thomas, green army is still on the grass-roots players to hold up the game, but the third quarter, cheap soccer jerseysJames constantly inside let the celtics pressure surge. The celtics were unable to resist the knight's fierce offensive momentum in the third quarter, and the cavaliers finished the third quarter against the celtics.
Scoring in the last section, the celtics still didn't give up the game, but the knight and adjoining the again, not the celtics hard points, but the effect is not obvious. The celtics were 11 points behind in the 3-minute game, and the game was completely in the hands of the cavaliers, and the celtics failed to continue their magic away.
Lose the game after the celtics through hope is frail, next game back home again war knights, big blowout losses than G1 and G2 home, cheap MLB Hatsthe celtics in the G5 can save face remains to be seen.

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