Thursday, September 22, 2016

A memorable incident

I have a very poor eyesight. Since I was in my primary school, I was myopic. I always wear a pair of small round glasses, which made my look more bookish, that is why they always bantered me and teased me 'four eyes' .
I have changed four pairs of glass so far, obviously, my myopia has gone from bad to worse, so awkwardness is always inevitable on account of my poor eyesight. Most recently in my summer holiday, I came back home and waited for my bus in the station, glancing right and left, the process of waiting for a bus was very dull and boring. Accidentally, I noticed a familiar figure nearby, who extremely resembles my aunt. So I stood up from the bench with a rush,grasping my handbag tightly in my left hand, and then I followed her scrupulously, squinting at her back, but still can not see very clearly. Somehow, my intuition was telling me that I was right. Without second thoughts, I ran straight to her, yelling and capering along. But she never turned around, which puzzled me a lot, I reached out my right hand and tapped her on her shoulder with full confidence, just at the moment that she turned around, 'aunt' escaped my lips, but when I discerned, I saw my entire life pass before my eyes. 'Sorry', with an awkward tone and buried my face, then go back to the station despondently, luckily, here came the bus. Otherwise, I did not dare to imagine how can I cope with people around.
Now, when I recall this, I would also blush with embarrassment.

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