Saturday, September 10, 2016

My article is accepted

Writing an article is not that easy.I spent nearly half a year to prepare one article,every day,I have to think about the content and structure of it.When it was send out,I feel very anxious,I was so scared to be told my article was refused.Luckily,I was told to modify it.But the reviewers gave me a very long suggestion,more than 2000 words.I was so shocked,and disappointed wondering why there were so many points for me to modify.After struggling for sometime,I gained inspiration again.I felt so thankful that the reviewers could spend that much time on my article and paid attention to every detail,they could treat my article so carefully,why couldn't I modify it carefully?So I set my mind to perfect it.Fortunately,I make it.I successfully finish the first article independently in my life.So happy and content!

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