Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Knight reversal

James, lewin and Owen scored 93 points in the playoffs on May 24, the highest in the postseason. Awkwardly, they scored seven points on the bench.
If it's not the magic of Owen's third quarter, the knight is still in the game. Arguably, the cavaliers' game was driven by a trio of starters, cheap nfl jerseysand their bench was really vulnerable.
The cavaliers' bench scored seven points in the third quarter. Four men, two without scoring, Jefferson didn't make a shot, and Cornish didn't. This kind of bench performance is hard to believe. The celtics, with three points, scored 20 points. In the second quarter, jerebuko had a breakthrough that ignited the celtics' bench.
So far, the celtics' bench has scored a total of 93 points, with the cavaliers just 59 points out of the game. In the fourth quarter, the celtics' bench continued to play. At a critical moment, jerebuko scored another three-pointer, helping the celtics to bite the score. Helpless, less little assassin, the celtics lack the star last time to pick up the slack, and the outbreak of the knight on James, ending the battle ahead of time. On the fourth quarter, however, the bench didn't score.
This is not the first time the cavaliers have been beaten by their opponents. In the last game, the bench took only nine points. The celtics' bench contributed 32 points. In the first game of the game, the Cleveland cavaliers scored 14 points in the game, shooting only 19 percent from the celtics, cheap hatswhile the celtics had a 34-point bench, with a shooting rate of 48.2 percent
As a substitute, the cavs can only allow the main players to spend a lot of time on the pitch, which is also a huge drain on their abilities. In relative terms, the warriors are much more balanced. The pressure on their big four is much less than that of the big three. The bench will be a great danger to the cavaliers if they reach the finals.

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