Monday, May 15, 2017

Regulation from company

 As usual, we sent emails to confirm with global regarding any differences in quotation of new projects, cheap nfl jerseys, even, as everyone knows why there had differences in the same items, but, we must send global emails for further confirmed as evidence when some unhappy things occurred. We did this was also from boss's requirement because he was always said what's the difference between our and global and why there had such deviations. Our boss was so concerned any difference that he required us any projects from global must align with it. We are not sure why he has such requests, but, we knew if even tiny deviations were asking help from global, which would result in huge joke. They will think we were stupid guys that didn't have own judgment with a few things. cheap snapbacks, I believe it will make us involved in stalemate.
     We do hope one day will have one guy who could drag us out of this predicament and could bring us to start a new page.

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