Monday, May 15, 2017

I don't need to marry a rich man

In China, some ladies like talk about their husband, it seems like the higher status; the richer the husband, the more respect ladies will gain from friends, colleagues, and relatives.

Ladies, a rich husband can only provide you financial security, but you still have to rely on yourself to be who you are, wholesale nfl jerseys, let your personality shine and realize your full potential, that’s the best thing you can do for yourself.

I’ve heard stories regarding young girls waiting for a super rich man to pick them up from hundreds of pretty ones.

Some even attend classes to learn how to attract a rich man, or especially join clubs, or buy a first-class airline ticket so that they have a chance to meet someone rich.

It seems to me the most stupid idea they could ever think about that.

If you have time to learn how to attract a rich man, it’s better for you to focus on how to improve yourself.

Only if you have reached a certain level, you are likely to meet a man who is outstanding so that you don’t have to worry about lose him, because there are a lot of men for you to choose.

It’s not you have to stay in a queue like a slave girl waiting for a man come to you, the chance is very low.

So prepare yourself at any time, cheap nfl hats, please don’t complain you are born to be unlucky, no, you are not.

I know a girl, who used to regard herself as an ugly duckling as she didn’t dress nicely with a little bit overweight body shape when she was a student.

After graduated from the Uni, she didn’t find a satisfying job straight away, but she always held a dream that one day she could work in a large corporate company.

She attended courses to update her professional knowledge and skills, and also paid attention to her appearance by spending time doing physical exercises and wearing nice clothes.

Gradually, she’s becoming an attractive professional lady who can earn enough money to support herself rather than waiting for someone buy her luxury stuff.

She doesn’t have to marry a rich man who only focuses on how to earn more money without giving her enough time and care.

Now she’s with a boyfriend who fits her most, the one who can understand her and talk with.

On the other hand, the boy gives her personal space for being herself.

Of course, I would love to say that you are very luck to marry a rich man who cares, spoils you emotionally and treats you as a special one.

The only thing is you can’t to be a stay-at-home mom all your life, the world is so small, you may waste time and energy on trivial things, which make you angry.

Probably you will spy on text messages or emails of your husband, if anything goes wrong, that will drive you mad and you will be in a bad mood the whole day and the whole week long.

But you dare not stand out or leave him because you need him financially.

You might have an argument with your mother-in-law, as she considers you useless to rely on her son.

Therefore, she reckon she has right to tell you what you have to do for her son or her grandchildren because you are not independent.

Otherwise, you can tell mother-in-law: “Sorry, that’s my private life, I can handle this myself.”

And probably, you have more time to develop negative thoughts or listen to gossip and feel bored with nothing new excites you.

You will still be very busy when your kids are small, doing housework, picking up them from school and helping them with homework.

Have you ever thought about once your kids grow up, suddenly, cheap jerseys, you get lost because looking after kids and husband is the only goal you have.

One day, when your kids try to be independent, would you still like to involve their life?

Actually, in some way, you are disturbing them when they don’t need you anymore, but you still treat them as if they have never grown up.

I’ve read stories regarding Chinese mom which shocked me, after the son found a girlfriend and got married, mom couldn’t leave him alone.

One mother still sleeps with her adult son, and the other mom tries to take shower for her 30 years old son who is married. That’s insane.

This annoys daughter-in-law so much: "What the hell!!! Do you marry me or your mom? You can only have one choice- either me or divorce."

I know one Chinese girl in Australia, her future mother-in-law intend to keep the money she earned once she marries her son.

That is out of my mind. Absolutely, I will do the same thing as the girl did: left her boyfriend in the end.

Becasue a husband needs a strong mind to make a decision, he is no longer mom's baby.

Unbelievable, in this modern society, how could it be possible a girl still plays a submissive role?

Therefore, whether you will be a future mother-in-law or not, please find something interesting to do, apart from taking care of your family.

Please make full use of the time and set up a goal do what really matters to you because that will make your life different.

You will be a happier person when you focus your energy on something new.

After 10 years, you have mastered special skills which fulfill your life no matter you earn money from it or not.

Then you have very limited time to monitor your husband or argue with mother-in-law.

Please don’t expect anyone who can fulfill your potential, you have to do it by yourself.

For me, I don't admire anyone who marries a rich man at all, because I prefer do something really matters to me which is challenging, and that's the meaning of life.

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