Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wait for me,days.

Why does time go faster and faster?It seems that I have no time to play the computer,cheap nfl hats, I am too lazy to turn it on. Luckily,there's developed mobilephone.Anyway, no time on those chatting tools,or in my blog,no time to pay attention to those people who I have ever cared.Although some of them sometimes say hello to me,I am always offline or have no notice.It's too late to reply.I know all the chatting tools are disappearing in my world,they are also out of date.Some people let me start a wechat which is the most popular communicating tool.However it's useless for me,I think.I don't like it either.I don't like to contact with others all the time.Even I have no interests on others' things.Hearing them talk about what they send everyday,cheap oakley sunglasses, a dish,new bowls…,which makes think how boring they are.I don't wanna get my work world and family world mixed.In holidays,I hope to hear nothing from work.I want two completely separated worlds.When some people advised me to start one,I answered in a directly way that I have no interests on others' business,although it sounds a bit unfriendly.I like to write to myself or the person who really cares me.Once lost,then never back,I refuse to add again.Although fewer and fewer people here,at least,I won't think myself awful,so funny I was some time in the past.I don't know why I always dislike the former I.It's time that is telling more and more,what is true,cheap jerseys, what is valuable.

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