Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Serious Social Problem

With the swift development of modern economy and technology, the number of private cars is increasing at a fast rate throughout the entire world. Various kinds of cars are produced from factories down on the road,cheap nfl hats, which has brought about convenience and also inconvenience to our daily life. For instance, the tricky traffic jams.
There is no doubt that the invention of cars is one of the greatest changes for pushing the world to move forward. It was designed to set aside the time wasted on travelling and transportation. When it made its appearance to the world, it seemed that cars did save the time and make work efficient. As time goes by, nevertheless, a growing number of people started to be able to afford the expensive adult's toy, and matter had become different since then.
The pace of road construction began to be in arrears of the growing number of private cars, which makes the traffic arrangement overloaded, which results in the traffic jam. We should view this phenomenon in a normal attitude as it is a matter of necessity. The city construction and plans are evidently much harder and slower to draw a conclusion. While people can purchase a car at anytime only if they can afford the payment and acquire a license, they can make a contribution to the make the traffic more and more overloaded. In my opinion, cheap oakley sunglasses, the traffic jam is an inevitable process in the development of the city, the roads were designed to make the traffic flow, if it was jammed, the government may take actions to broaden the road or widen the urban area to make traffic back to normal, with all those things above moving in cycles, the city grows unwittingly.Therefore I regard traffic jam as just a signal of the city development and it will be fixed when the city is completely developed.
From my perspective, both the government and the citizens should take the responsibility to make the traffic flow fluently. The government should promulgate laws to restrict the usage of private cars. On the other hand, citizens should be aware of the inconvenience of traffic jam can bring about and consciously reduce the frequency of using private cars.
With all these solutions being done,cheap jerseys, I believe the trouble will be easily handled and the road will always be unimpeded.

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