Friday, April 21, 2017

The more babies,the more worries.

Nothing else came to my mind these days but baby rabbits.From excitedness at the beginning to worries of this moment.I really a bit regret,cheap jerseys, worrying about the death of them and who they will belong to later.They are so lovely.Two of them have died.It's certain that I can't raise all of them,I only want one left to accompany her mom.To be frank,I have ignored the mom rabbit's feeling,just caring about whether she has already fed her babies.I am afraid to see them die one by one.She has too many babies,so some of babies have no enough milk to drink.I stopped my idea to feed those thin ones with other powdered milk.Because they will be deserted by their mom once touching other smells.It's too hot these days,I wanna change another cage for them,but I hesitate much,it is said that it's better not to change it before ‘’getting out of the nest.‘’OK,just a few days later.
When they are sent to others,their owners will be very good to them?They will be eaten when grown up?Different people raise animals for different aims.I regret now,bringing them to this world is a wrong thing.No a good end.Thinking of this,I feel ease to face their death.With its nature,god will decide everything.I should have treated the animals as human.I am just a person who only like one kid in my family,cheap Oakley sunglasses, never choose a second one even if the new policy has been carried out.
So maybe I did a wrong thing to my rabbit.

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