Friday, April 21, 2017

Rabbit's days to be delivered are fulfilled.

Thirty days is fulfilled,maybe these two days,rabbit will bear babies.I early got lots of grass ready so that she can bear babies on it.She held grass in her mouth to make the nest two days ago,nfl jerseys cheap, it shows the time is coming.Wish mom and babies safe!I feel a bit worried,it is said that babies are hard to all survive.I researched information about that and knew I couldn't touch her baby,otherwise she would desert the babies.
This month,the rabbit seemed a bit strange,she didn't like to be touched by us.She always hid somewhere to rest and never jumped happily.We couldn't see her happiness,but laziness and tiredness.I thought she hadn't been pregnatted!However she did!Actually,when I could sure she did it,I didn't get happy at all.I knew that she would have a large change,cheap hats, yeah,completely different,not naughty,lovely or clean again.I know she doesn't feel well,with the big paunch.Now it's done,everything is late,only wish her ok,only she is ok.It's my fault that I didn't protect her well for shyness to refuse others.I must pay attention to that!
The day before yesterday,that old man asked me whether the rabbit would bear babies soon.I told she would.He laughed and told me it was very interesting,and went on saying :After giving birth,I will bring that buck to breed again.Of course,he wants babies.
Oh,No.I think him too terrible to say so.My rabbit is so pathetic!We have treated her as human,I won't agree to have a second time.
I will leave a daughter for my rabbit,cheap nfl jerseys, mom and daughter,will be a very warm picture!To accompany together,to wear the same clothes

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