Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Hot wave

Summer comes with the companion of damp hot days. The wet weather still dominates steam-like days and every one lives in a steam room. Meanwhile the temperature hit over thirty five degrees in daytime as the record of the first hot day in this summer. When I went out in the morning, cheap hats, I just sweated and my shirt wet as if I was getting out a swimming pool.

Due to the continuous high temperature, waxberries are not easy to keep. This berry season which only lasts less than half month is just terminated earlier than previous years. I received a box of berries from my schoolmate and he said that I should have them as soon as I could. This is a exquisite box and berries are sealed by vacuum packing with iced bags. After a night’s delivery, they are still kept well, and nice tasty with sweet dark red juice.

This weather is extremely at the torture that people are more likely to get heatstroke. Especially those who are vulnerable to be sick, such as the young and the old should be more aware of its heat. Another problem is it weakens the skin immune system of a person who hardly sweats being in the exposure in the refrigeration from the air condition. Whenever we are in a bus, subway, office and home, wholesale jerseys, there is always an air condition. Therefore, people either get cold or have heatstroke. When we have coolness, we also meet problems from health dysfunction.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended to go out for physical exercises. Any form of exercises is fine. Considering the high temperature, it is acceptable to do training in the evening or morning.
Walking around which does not cost too much energy is feasible to people. Meanwhile, summer is the best time to lose weight through exercises. In case of dehydration, we’d better drink water properly. Safety is the first priority.

In this passionate season, there could be more than we can imagine. I still remember in childhood when fireflies flied in the open air and stars shined in the mid night. Though it was hot in daytime, cheap fake oakleys, it was the enjoyable moment full of juvenile that I could have. Cicadas were breaking the night tranquility. I was in the darkness to eavesdrop that tweet. The hotter the temperature is, the harder those insects are exciting to sing.

Civilization has brought modernization. Buildings take over cottages, cities replace of countries. In the process of construction, living condition relies more on electronic devices. Those sweet things stored in mind only. In that age, there were no sufficient materials to entertain while people lived in an innocent manner. Kids could just play glass balls on the ground in a day, or went fishing in streams. An ice candy would be the best prize. If there is a need to review old memory, we have to go to countryside. There has kept some original trace triggered back to those old days.

After the stormy night, cheap snapback hats, this weekend will be cooler by having ten degrees reduced. It is reported the rainy weather does not terminate until at the mind of next month.

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