Thursday, April 13, 2017

My Father

When talking about this topic, the classmates around me will share many stories of their father between them. It is distinct that they get along well with their father.
Unfortunately, I'm much different from them. I will in a complex mood when reminding my father, cheap jerseys, I can't share anything moving or unforgettable about him except for complaint.
He was always impatient to my grandma, such a kind-hearted old woman, who had died four years ago. Everytime my grandma talked to him, he would pull a long face and hail at my grandma, because of his bad attitude, my grandma often sobbed alone and even in sorrow for several days.Once I had gave him some suggestions, but it took no effect.
When he was at his younger age, he had many affairs with all kinds of women. Without humiliation, he talked those women to the neighbors proudly, it seemed that he had saved the earth. Now he is still dating with other women even I'm already in my university. My mother is angry and disappointed about him,cheap snapback hats, but for my growth, she has tolerated his behaviors for the most part of her life.
I'm disappointed to him too. He has told many falsehoods to deceit me. He promised much but never keep his word. If I mentioned it he just shuffle them with some excuses. Gradually I wouldn't trust whatever he told to me. What makes me more angry is, he often complain to me that my education has cost too much money , if I didn't go to school for such a long time, he could do something else more valuable with those fares.
How can I love a father like him? I don't know how many hardships my mother has suffered those years because of him. The most important for me is be independent as early as possible,fake oakley sunglasses, I'm unwilling to be his heavy burden and receive complaint from him any more.

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