Sunday, April 16, 2017


Once I came across a typical blogging addict, cheap jerseyswho was always refreshing, refreshing and refreshing whenever I saw her. It has been a common phenomenon where the users of blog sharply increase and some even become 'micro-blogging addicts '.
As far as I am concerned, several reasons lie behind the phenomenon. With the development of technology, we have more access to blog. For example, always each family has computers at home and people take their mobile phone wherever they go nowadays. What's more, to be more popular among our friends drives us to refresh the blog all the time.
There's no denying that blog can update our news quickly. Nevertheless, we should keep in mind that each coin has two sides. It's a waste for us to spend too much time refreshing blog. Once we become addicted to it,cheap snapback hats it would influence our daily life as well as our work. So that, a good control is of great importance. We have to arrange our time reasonably and take good advantage of blog. After all, blog is a tool instead of a necessity.

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