Thursday, April 13, 2017

Traffic Problem

With the rapid growth of our national economy, cars no longer just belong to the rich. Private cars become popular among the general public, especially among the young generation, which gives rise to serious problem of traffic congestion. Recent research clearly shows that by the end of 2015, cheap mlb hats, the national motor vehicle ownership has increased to 279 million and every 100 households have 31 private cars. In some of the most prosperous cities, the traffic jam has become an urgent issue to tackle. From my perspective, severe traffic problem can sharply decrease the productivity of the city. Traffic is one of the most significant sections of the commodity circulation. At the same time, it also matters in our daily life. Consequently, to put an end to it, in my mind, it calls for the efforts from all sides. First of all,cheap oakley sunglasses, the government should enact relevant regulations like even-odd license plate plan. For the sake of relieving the traffic pressure, the government can invest more money to the transference of overpasses, pedestrian bridges, light rails and subways. Moreover, as a citizen, we should take our duty to make the city a better place. Much publicity about the green travel should be done by every conscientious resident. It is crucial to raise the awareness of the residents. Only in his way, can everyone realize the alarming situation of the urban transportation. Last but not least, in terms of individuals, we should cut down the times we drive and turn to the bus, subway and light rail. In order to save your time as well as others time in the traffic jam, choosing another mode of transport couldn't be a wiser way. In my point of view, cheap nfl jerseys, only when all of us join in the efforts of addressing the traffic problem at all levels can our city appear a new look.

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