Thursday, April 13, 2017

after many day i come back again

after many days, i come back

there is a trend, all guys are addicted to weibo, news, and music.

not popular my blog turns

i was here for long time,cheap nfl jerseys, since today i copy and paste my blogs here to Facebook

i envy myself, cuz i unexpectedly wrote many articles, about my travelogue, biography, or just be a storyteller.

i miss that day, i share everything here.

but today i lost interest,i am fragmental info maniac, cuz i am follower of weibo, or twitter, buzzfeed, or jinri toutiao, my vocabulary get going down, my knowledge get lacked. my thought my mind ruined, cuz i less read books, and blogs, i would rather like to upload selfies, pics what it is new to me, only phone save me, know me, with me, like my lover. we try to use internet map, dictionary, calculator,music,calendar,recorder, notice...........many real things doesn't exist. my words turn pales, no new thing come into my mind. life go mess.

so i come here, i calm my mind, to rewrite sth. no matter what it worth remembering or reading,cheap snapbacks, i hope we can pick up this habits, to write, to record. to be literature.

now we care about how many like do we get, thumb up
they aren't crucial.
i hope rewriting can reshaping ours mind and cognition. less meaningless chat, more useful, skillful minds and talks.  

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