Tuesday, April 18, 2017

another one unnamed

The strange will not hurt us. Because we do not have the touch line in life. Even sometimes we get the un-equal treatment by others, but we do not have any deep emotion in the relationship, cheap oakleys, so it can not hurt us too. I found the most hurting comes from the people who we have the closest relationship. In other words, sometimes we hurt our most beloved one deeply too.

Sometimes we complained about that somebody did not love us enough. But how to judge about the depth of the love? Does it need to come to the moment between life or die? Wow, I am myself still confused about this question.

But I do not think everything needs a final test. We can judge from our daily life too. Sometimes I think it is not that we do not love each other. But it is that the love is not so deep or strong enough to let us to fight the everything in life. Or it is lack the courage to walk together and to continue our life journey?

In the moment with so much question can not be answered. With so much confusing still wait to be cleared. But I know life is equal to everybody. Maybe yes maybe not, cheap jerseys, because I clear know that I just stand on by myself, Friends, how about you?

Wow Be loved to self. Still with confident to continue the life journey…

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