Sunday, April 16, 2017

Life in A Small City

It was last weekend when I decided to bring my roommate to my home in Changshu during this National Day holiday. cheap mlb hats, I had told my roommate about the beauty of my hometown for many times but I never had the chance to bring him to Changshu.
We arrived in Suzhou railway station at about 17:30, September 30th. We had a nice dinner with my parents in Suzhou and my dad drove us to Changshu.Yesterday, October 1st, I had breakfast with my roommate in the inn. After breakfast, we went to Xingfu Temple and decided to climb Yu Hill. The weather was not pleasant but it was comfortable to stay in the hill in such a little rain.After two hours of tiring time, we went down the hill in another direction. Since the rain was becoming harder, we went to visit the library of Changshu City. It was nearly 11 when we went out of the library so we stepped into a Starbucks to rest and chat for a while. What we had for our lunch was traditional noodles with a kind of special mushrooms. I showed him around the ancient part of the city in afternoon. After a wonderful dinner in a mall called Incity, cheap oakley sunglasses, we enjoyed the beautiful night view of the city together.
This afternoon my roommate is going back to Nanjing so I prepared a nice and traditional meal with crabs and mutton. I really hope that this city will leave a good impression to him.

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