Thursday, April 13, 2017

My Worst Teacher

A few days ago, I was requested to write about my worst teacher and I racked my brain to do it. Once upon a time, I had an extremely strict English teacher who terrified everyone in my class. For instance, when a student couldn't answer her question, she would say,"What were you thinking about? You are fucking a piece of shit! You are out of your mind! You are a stupid jerk! Well, you are forbidden to sit from now on." In a word, she was considered as a frightening monster at that time. We couldn't put up with her so that we drew up a petition asking for the dismissal of her. Of course I hated her so much that I regarded her as the worst teacher. However, cheap replica oakleys, that was a long time ago. I have been not hating her for a long time and I can understand her. She was just anxious for our study and attached great importance to it. Anyway, I don't think she is the worst teacher now, because my worst teacher lived in the past

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