Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Not because I can't say honeyed words.

Sometimes,I feel myself a boring person.Facing little kids,cheap nfl jerseys, I can't make them laugh with funny words.Only smile at them and watch their lovely faces and bright eyes quietly.Facing husband,I never give him a hug initially.Facing the old,I will give my hottest heart to the kind ones.Instead,if the old is not kind,I don't wanna see her face while talking.I like to talk with those kind old people,to listen to their understanding of time. Very comfortable in heart sitting beside her.Sometimes,what theysay are very reasonable,and some of words make me ashamed.
Yeah,the younger should make the old happy,many say so.However,I won't put on a mask to make anyone happy except those I love.People of a mind fall into the same group,which is hard to change.Nobody can change the other's mind,even so,it's impossible to change heart.
I know that it's not because I can't say honeyed words in front of some people,but it will me feel awful,cheap snapbacks, even hate myself.Maybe it's an illness,however I never hope to cure it.

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