Sunday, April 16, 2017

Be addicted to playing games

These days I felt very tired and inpatient about everything, and I didn't want to get up and went to the classroom. Even in the class I felt very sleepy and got a headache. I knew something was wrong with me, fake oakley sunglassesI was addicted to playing game and always stayed up too late because of it.
But I can't control myself, every time when I took my mobilephone, I told myself that I can only play a while, but 2 hours later, I was still playing the game.What a shame!
I must do something to change this situation, so I focus on some interesting books and set time shut down me mobilephone, I also try to spend more time with my friends and chat with them face to face. These ways are taking effect.
Now I go to bed at the right time and just play games when I am free, and I spend a lot of time reading books. Life is better than before.
Sometimes we will come across a few problems that we cannot solve, but we can change the way to solve it,wholesale jerseys than things will be better. If we cannot solve it by ourselves, we can turn to others for help. Our friends, parents and teachers are good choices.

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