Friday, April 21, 2017

Don't touch her babies.

This morning,I opened the door of the cage for my rabbit.I fed her some vegetables as usual.I watched her.I like doing this very much,cheap nfl hats, watching her eating happily.I found her body was not so big as yesterday.I touched her belly,oh,very soft.Couldn't tell me she had already born babies?I hurried to the front of cage again.Oh,she has,something was moving in a corner,with smooth skins,covered by white cony hair.I knew,I couldn't watch them too often or touch them.However,where was her mom?After eating,she was resting in the cool place.I was so excited and ran into room to tell everyone the good news.I got out with a cabbage as a prize to jer.Has she already fed her babies milk?Soon,I put the mom into the cage again,but I never saw her feed them.Once she refuses?I felt a bit nervous when I thought babies would die of hunger when I searched on baidu,it's sure some refuse to do that.I asked that old man,he smiled and told me not to worry or look after them,because their mom would do it.Yeah,replica oakley sunglasses, every mom will know how to do it.What I should do is to give her enough food,and close her in it some time.
But I haven't got to know how many babies she has.

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