Sunday, April 16, 2017

Something bad in the university

Recently, something bad happened on me. It was about the student council election. As candidates, two friends and I took part in the election. At that time, everything seemed okay. But from the moment that election result came out, everything went wrong.
One of the friends longed for the position of minister for a very long time.However, the minister was me. So she maybe could not accept the result and feel upset and a bit unfair. Firstly, she asked the last minister in an impolite way. She thought that she did more work than me in the past one year. So she should be the minister instead of me. This made me uncomfortable and down, but I stood.Secondly,cheap nfl jerseys, she called the chairman that she refused to work with me or she would drop out the students' union. I was confused with what she said, did I bother her?
I didn't do anything that hurt her. In the past one year, I thought she is my friend. But if she wanted to insist on, let her go. What I need to do was to lead my section and finish my tasks.
As a sophomore, I can still remember the purpose of joining the students' union. I want to make changes, help students, improve my abilities and make friends instead of being the minister or the chairman. Don't forget what I want to do at the beginning.

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